The YaleStation Project

The YaleStation Project, as was declared when it was founded, is dedicated to the enhancement of Yale University computing and information access online. YaleStation is a "from the ground up" technological exploration into the development of institutional, student-run Web portals. With its roots in the student community, YaleStation can gauge student needs and desires and quickly deliver results.

To members of the Yale community (including students, faculty, staff, and alumni) and to visitors, YaleStation offers, at no charge, customizable portals featuring group calendaring, collaboration tools, marketplaces, and many other resources essential to campus life.

A Brief History of YaleStation

YaleStation was conceived by founder and then-freshman Alexander Clark '04 in September 2000. One month later on October 16, Clark launched YaleStation to the Yale undergraduate body of then-approximately 5,000 students.

In April 2002, YaleStation became an official project and arm of the Yale College Council, providing Yale's student government organization with an established technological presence in the Yale community.

Looking Ahead with YaleStation

YaleStation serves as an incubator for student technology on campus, helping to launch enterprise-scale projects for students and staff, including online recruitment, online admissions decisions, streaming TV, simulcast radio, and online media libraries, among countless others. YaleStation offers open-access to the underlying XML feeds and XSL transforms that create its site, and, as the founding member of the Univariant Project, enables developers to build off the YaleStation framework in a cross-language, cross-platform environment and to extend their projects to other schools and networks.

Are you a Yale student interested in taking the world's most advanced portal to new levels? Want to combine the intimacy of an undergraduate organization with the intensity of a dot-com startup? Join our developer community and make a difference. No technological expertise is required, and the educational opportunities are endless.

The Time Before YaleStation

Before YaleStation:

  • YCC campus-wide elections were conducted by paper ballot in the dining halls.
  • Student opinion was not solicited for Spring Fling or other YCC events.
  • There was no Yale Central Authentication Service.
  • WYBC did not broadcast on-line.
  • There was no campus television station.
  • Used books collected dust in an Associated Student Agency basement.
  • There was no New Haven restaurant guide.
  • The Yale "portal" was a collection of static links.

Before YaleStation, there was just the post office.